The Misfit’s Motivation

This quote provides a number of clues about the religious views of The Misfit, a personality in Flannery O’Connor’s story “A Good Man is hard to Find” who has an advanced and unclear relationship with God. The Misfit thinks that if Jesus really was the son of God, then the only factor that matters is to follow Him. As a serial murderer, he has clearly not followed the word of God and is thus not a believer. At first The Misfit’s crimes suggest that he embraces the second a part of his own philosophy: doing meanness to others for pleasure as a result of God doesn’t exist. However, he does not gain pleasure from killing the grandmother and her family. In actual fact, after The Misfit kills the grandmother he becomes emotional and seems to remorse what he’s accomplished. This reaction places The Misfit in a form of middle floor; he lives the life of a faithless, evil particular person, but he is unsatisfied with this life.

Wood, Old, Door, Motivational QuotesStranger still, as the Misfit kills innocent folks and denies God he talks at size concerning the importance of punishment and justice. He gets no pleasure from his crimes and he thinks they should be punished, yet he nonetheless commits them. The Misfit’s actions don’t make sense, except he really needs to be punished. The Misfit doubts God because he is unable to consider that God may allow the innocent to be punished whereas showing mercy on those that deserve retribution, yet his life experiences have proven him that this stuff occur. The murders The Misfit commits may very well be his means of testing God. The Misfit needs God to punish him, as a result of if he’s punished, then it is going to show to him that there is a way of justice on this planet, leaving The Misfit with no purpose to doubt his religion. There are a number of elements of the story that suggest The Misfit doesn’t truly take pleasure in his crimes.

When The Misfit first meets the household he mentions that kids make him nervous. He is a powerful, armed man; they pose no precise bodily risk to him. However, as a result of children are innocents, they may pose a risk to his conscience. The kids make him nervous because he knows he will probably be taking an innocent life. The Misfit affords a number of clues that he is not really a Godless man however a former believer that’s attempting to recuperate his religion. Towards the beginning of the dialog The Misfit provides the grandmother a history of his life, and the first thing he says is that he was once a gospel singer. Because he started his life singing praises to God, it appears doubtless that he was a man of religion. Later he talks about Jesus raising the useless, and at first he criticizes Jesus by accusing him of throwing every thing off steadiness. However, he soon changes his complaint; as an alternative of blaming Jesus, The Misfit talks about how it’s unfair that he didn’t get to see Jesus do the issues he did. He’s upset as a result of he doesn’t have proof of God.

“I wisht I had of been there,” he stated, hitting the bottom along with his fist. “It ain’t proper I wasn’t there as a result of if I had been I might of recognized. Listen lady,” he stated in a high voice, “if I had of been there I might of recognized and that i wouldn’t be like I’m now.” His voice seemed about to crack and the grandmother’s head cleared for an instantaneous. This quote strongly means that The Misfit desires to believe in God. His voice even turns into excessive and cracked as he speaks. This is the best way a person talks when discussing something emotionally charged, something that hurts to talk about. He says that if he could simply know God is actual, he wouldn’t be like he’s now. He blames God for not giving him proof and for making him doubt by being an unfair and unjust God. The Misfit feels that God has been unfair by punishing those who don’t deserve it and failing to punish people who do.

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