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O plano BRADESCO SAÚDE tem vantagens e serviços que fazem toda a diferença!

Agora você pode contar com o melhor Seguro de Saúde do País!

– Planos para pequenas e grandes empresas a partir de 3 vidas;
– Todas as coberturas da ANS e mais 29 procedimentos;
– Mais de 26.000 médicos;
– 9.500 laboratórios;
– 2.500 hospitais credenciados;
– Sistema de reembolso.

Obs. Planos com até 40% de descontos para profissionais liberais.


Advanced Mac Tuneup combines powerful and simple tools to clean, optimize and speed up your Mac!

Clean your Mac

Advanced Mac Tuneup keeps your Mac free from different types of junk through a single click only.

Optimize your Mac

Advanced Mac Tuneup allows you to remove duplicate files, unwanted applications completely without leaving their traces.

Secure your Mac

Advanced Mac Tuneup helps securely delete sensitive and confidential data so that it cannot be retrieved again.

Manage start-up

Advanced Mac Tuneup allows you to manage applications that run automatically when you start your Mac. Less auto-run applications mean faster boots.

One click cleaning

One click cleaning removes system and user cache files, user log files, removes redundant parts of applications and unneeded languages of localized applications in a single click.

Remove unwanted languages

Advanced Mac Tuneup shows you a list of the language packs installed on your system that you may never use. Easily remove them and clear space on Mac.


YouDo Key Benefits
Favorable prices

Private performers do not have office, advertising, secretary salaries, or other expenses that service companies usually include in the cost of their services.

Verified Artists

All YouDo performers go through the verification procedure, we check reviews, deal with complaints and monitor the quality of their work.

Time saving

On YouDo, you can find the right artist in minutes. Many of them are ready to start work on the same day, and sometimes at the same time.


Partner network

More than 147 companies participate in ICO Libra.According to Royal bank of Scotland, after the release of tokens, its value will instantly increase by 52% and will attract more than $ 3 billion of investments.


дешевые туры

Наши преимущества

Самые дешевые туры
Перед тем как покупать тур обязательно сравните цены с нашими турам. У нас точно дешевле!
Онлайн бронирование
При выборе тура вас никто не будет переубеждать в том, что вам необходимо купить тур подороже (и менеджер получил больше денег за продажу)
Фиксированные цены
Мы не занимаемся маркетингом 90-х (тур за X руб. 999 копеек). Мы даем вам честные цены!
Оплата 50% (фикс цена)
При оплате 50% тура (онлайн), мы фиксируем цену, она остается не изменной


Круглосуточная работа Forex VPS

VPS сервер для торгов на бирже работает 24/7
Подходит для любых брокеров и советников.
Уже предустановлены терминалы MetaTrader 4 и 5


This is not the regular Crypto wallet – it earns profit daily.

Receive your monthly earnings now. You receive the monthly income right after the deposit opening!

  • Convert your cold wallet into daily profit.
  • You can withdraw funds anytime and in any currency.
  • Analisys-exchanges-deposit-compliance.

One step to start earning with Bravia Wallet


Protect yourself 24 hours with a winch or trailer, breakdown solution and more with our auto and motorcycle assistance!


Как получить до 6 000 000 c в 5 шагов?
  1. Оставьте заявку, мы перезвоним в течение 10 минут.
  2. Оценка стоимости автомобиля.
  3. Проверка документов на подлинность и авто на угон.
  4. Подписание договора.
  5. Получение денег на карту в момент подписания договора